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Because every organization is under threat

GROUP SALUS provides small to medium-sized businesses with professional web-based cybersecurity communications, reputation and incident management tools, including our patent pending Cybersecurity Reputation Risk Assessment™.

- 99% secure is 100% vulnerable -

SALUS Incident Management Platform - AIIM™ - AI Incident Manager™ Patent Pending

A.I. enabled, user-friendly, response generation tool - the Salus AI Incident Manager platform will provide your enterprise, regardless of size, with a customized, intuitive, and responsive platform that will help you prepare for, navigate through, and recover from cybersecurity incidents. Unlike any other software tool in the market, the backbone of our cloud-based software is its sophisticated A.I.


To develop The Salus Incident Management Platform (AIIM™ - AI Incident Manager™), SALUS has partnered with Veloxiti A.I.- a group providing world-class artificial intelligence solutions for the U.S. military for over 20 years. By pairing Group Salus' unrivaled expertise with Veloxiti's A.I. experience, we were able to create a tool that will protect your company's most critical asset - your brand reputation


The Salus Incident Management Platform will be available soon.

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Our Services

& Audit

Take advantage of our proprietary web-based Cybersecurity Reputation Risk Assessment© tool and custom analysis executed by SALUS' expert team.

Response Plan

SALUS industry experts build and implement a customized cybersecurity response  

plan, tailored to your enterprise.

Plan Implementation & Training

Training to ensure key stakeholders are ready to navigate your cybersecurity response plan when a breach occurs.

Testing & Monitoring

SALUS follows a proven risk management cycle, ensuring you stay protected against ongoing and ever-changing cyber threats.

Crisis Support

Should a breach occur, our experts can provide real-time counsel and support.


Training module to introduce your organization to the true costs and consequences of cyberattacks. 


"I have been enthused by the SALUS' software platform since its inception. It's sorely needed for companies and organizations of every size and in every category. Scott Marticke and I have been in lock step on this idea ever since we worked together when I was Chief Privacy Officer at Omnicom.  In my current role, it has become even more evident that improving the security of one of us improves all of us." 

Darrin Reynolds

Leader, Emerging Regulations & Health Security


SALUS' Cybersecurity Reputation Risk Assessment™

Understanding your current cyber risk is the first step towards protecting your business and brand. Start the journey to protecting your assets with the SALUS Cybersecurity Reputation Risk Assessment. Our experts will evaluate and provide you with a custom scored response.